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Tag: Maszyny_drżące

Łódź Kaliska / Maszyny drżące / The Trembling Machines

The Trembling Machines (Maszyny drżące) of Lodz Kaliska is the third project prepared by the artists for Atlas Sztuki. Different from the majority of previous projects, for which this avant-garde artistic group is famous. Two last projects carried out in cooperation with Atlas Sztuki: Alementarz from 2007 and The Chinese are watching Atlas Sztuki ad (Chinczycy ogladaja reklame Atlasa Sztuki) from 2008 also differed from what the artists made us used to for years. However, The Trembling Machines (Maszyny drżące) is the most serious project from all. Marek Janiak, one of the members of Lodz Kaliska, said that this is: “a story about nostalgia, endurance and dying. It is also a story about a myth going away. About a drama, when the place of this myth is not taken by a new, more lively, modern or a more dynamic one, but by nothingness – emptiness”.