David Lynch / Malarstwo i Fotografia / Painting and Photography
30.11.2003 – 25.01.2004
November 30, 2003 – January 25, 2004

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David Lynch - amerykański reżyser, producent i scenarzysta filmowy, fotograf, malarz, aktor, kompozytor, rysownik, autor komiksów, utalentowany twórca o licznych zainteresowaniach. Urodził się 20 stycznia 1946 roku w miasteczku Missoula (Montana). W 1965 roku David Lynch wraca do Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts i studiuje malarstwo.

Jest jednym z najbardziej kontrowersyjnych i charakterystycznych amerykańskich reżyserów filmowych. W swoich filmach często odwołuje się do elementów surrealistyczych, chętnie tworzy wariacje na temat ludzkiej podświadomości, marzeń i fobii. Światową sławę przyniósł Lynchowi zrealizowany w 1989 roku serial telewizyjny Miasteczko Twin Peaks, choć już wcześniej był nominowany do Oskara za film Człowiek słoń.

David Lynch jest także członkiem Komitetu Honorowego festiwalu Camerimage.
Wybrana filmografia:
The Alphabet, 1968
Grandmother, 1970
Głowa do wycierania (Eraserhead), 1978
Człowiek słoń (Elephant Man), 1980
Diuna (Dune), 1984
Blue Velvet, 1986
Dzikość serca (Wild at Heart), 1990
Twin Peaks (serial) - reżyser odcinka pilotażowego i współproducent całej serii
Twin Peaks: Ogniu krocz ze mną (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me), 1992
Na antenie (serial)
Zagubiona autostrada (Lost Highway) ,1996
Prosta historia (The Straight Story) ,1999
Mulholland Drive, 2001
Darkned Room, 2002
Rabbits, 2002

David Lynch is one of the most creative and fascinating artists of our time. He is best known as the director of such strangely beautiful pictures as Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart - the former received a best director Academy Award nomination; the latter won the Palm d'Or award at the 43rd Cannes Film Festival in 1990. Lynch became a household name when his innovative television series Twin Peaks aired around the world for two seasons in the early nineties. His 1997 release Lost Highway left a great deal of the audience puzzled and lost in darkness and confusion - however beautifully lost. The Straight Story, received the European Film Award in 1999. Mulholland Drive, rejected by ABC as a pilot for a new TV show, has been completed as a feature film for which Lynch received a Best Director prize at Cannes.

But Lynch is not only creative as a filmmaker. He is also a painter, photographer and sculptor - his artwork was shown at galleries in New York, Paris and Tokyo. He designs furniture, composes soundscapes, writes song lyrics, and works as an author and producer.

David Lynch came to Poland on November 19 at the invitation of the organisers of CAMERIMAGE International Film Festival - the event he had visited two years ago. At that time a new idea had been created - to establish a new Culture Centre in Łódź, a centre, which could bring young artists from all over the world and could enable them to implement their projects, not only movies, but also art and music projects.

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